Bikers Leather Balm 100ml/3.5oz

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MackofMack Bikers Leather Balm is a best natural leather protection. This leather balm - conditioner is designed to waterproof and extend life of all leather goods. Bikers Leather Balm made of natural ingredients and easy to apply leather conditioner for all leather apparel. Made in Sweden.

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MackofMack Bikers Leather Leather balm is ideal for gloves, boots, jackets, bags, saddles, seats and nearly all other leatherwear you want to protect with natural water repellence and condition for years of use.

A combination of beeswax, coconut oil and sheep wool fat (lanolin) help rejuvenate and protect without any harmful chemicals. All natural waxes and oils. No toxic ingredients or petroleum based substitutes. Lighter colored leathers tend to darken when balm is applied as the natural oils absorb into the surface. 


Use this balm to waterproof, restore and clean leather goods. Bring your Wesco boots or your vintage Schott leather jacket back to life. 

How to clean natural leather?

Use 50/50 water/vinegar and few drops of glycerine soap solution applied with a damp cloth. Remove all dirt and debris to allow the best penetration of the balm’s natural oils. Allow leather to dry thoroughly after cleaning. 

How to restore vintage leather jacket, boots, bag or anything made of leather?

For restoring and general refreshing your leather jacket, apply balm massaging - rub it in. Repeat as needed and allow to soak in overnight. Simple as that. Balm works too on restoring Bates seat, saddles or anything made of natural leather. With this "cold" method bright leather color will darken very minimal almost to no change. You need to give 24h, leather to dry to see a final color tone.

Not to be used on suede or nubuck. The reason is - it will change apparence of the napped "hairy" finish and will make to look like a waxed canvas. If this doesn't bother you go ahead and use the balm.

How to waterproof natural leather?

Apply MackofMack Bikers Leather Balm by hand or with a clean cloth, covering the surface thoroughly. Leave overnight in a warm room to allow the balm to soak in completely, or help it along with heat gun on low or hairdryer. You can even take it with you to enjoy the sauna if you’ve got one. Smaller items can be placed in the oven to warm at about 50ºC/120ºF for 5 minutes. The thirstier leather is the more coats you’ll need. For the best waterproof effect repeat 4-5 times until the balm has penetrated completely and wipe off any excess that remains on the surface. This treatment will give the most protection for you get through the rain dry but will change apparence of the leather.

With this "hot treatment" the leather will get more heavy duty in toutch and bright leathers will become darker. Diferent type leathers will act diferently in the color shade change. Advisable to test on a small piece if the original color is on your concern.  

You need to make a choice - apparence vs performance. Both treatment options finds it's own purpose on the right product for the right occasion.

Customer Reviews

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Marc Hattler
Leather Balm

Great Product With aVery nice smell. I Used ist on my old Harley Leather bags. It softened the Leather and Gave it a Great Look. Easy application. Absolutely recommendable !

Mark, Thank you very much for writing the review. It means a lot!
Huge respect to prompt action!
Best, Mack

Stephane Moullec

great product. I used it on my Vanson leather jacket and it found a second youth. it regained its flexibility in two applications. I recommend this product and thank you for the note that accompanied the box in the package

First of all, wold like to apologize for taking so long to thank you. Took some time to realize the option of responding. Live and learn :) Glad you you liked the product.
Stephane, Merci!
Best, Mack

Pat Rabun
Superb Leather Balm!!

I’ve used the Mack of Mack Bikers Leather Balm on a couple of pairs of boots and am extremely satisfied with the result. It goes on easy and soaks in to provide excellent waterproofing ( it’s better with more than on application) . The leather looks beautiful and feels great, not greasy. The balm has a bit of an odor ( minor issue), but it dissipates with time. Overall an excellent product that I will use on all my leather gear!

Thank you Pat for honest review! This is the way it should be!
Apologize for taking such a long time to respond. Just recently had time to look closer at integrations. Hope you are well. Best, Mack

Sean Madigan

I tried the balm on a Harley seat I have that’s a 1938 and very hard. It has softened the leather. Great product. I can’t say enough good things.
It’s made my saddle bags look good as well.
I gotta order more

Sean, Want to thank you for sharing your experience with the product.
Thank you for the good words! It means a lot! And truly sorry for taking such a long time to respond. Just recently got closer look at the integrations and found the option to thank you guys. Best, Mack

ryan dawson
Awesome product!

Absolutely awesome product. Bought my boots and jacket back to life and have made the water repel. Easy to use!

Ryan, Thank you very much for writing the review! It beans a big time!
Apologize for taking so long to respond. Had to look closer in to integrations to find out response options.
Hope you are well.
Best, Mack

Mikael Däckfors
Best leather balm

I realtid liked this leather balm. It is super easy to apply, and the scent is very pleasant. Extra plus for the nice handwritten thank-you-card attached to the balm.

Mikael, 1000 Tack! First costumer and first review left! It means a lot...honestly.
Thank you for the trust and good words.
Apologize for taking so long to respond to your review. Just found out the possibility for response option.
Best, Mack