Brough Superior SS100. MackofMack Motorcycle apparel brand that gives a damn              



The whole idea started in 2018, when Mack the founder of MackofMack developed skin condition that was caused by an allergy to a chromium salts. This meant he couldn’t wear leather goods directly next to his skin. Back then, like most of us, he didn’t know anything about the leather; Mack was not aware that 85% of leather goods are tanned using chromium salts, and if these are handled incorrectly, they not only pollute our environment, but can contain toxic chemicals which aggravate skin allergies.

Let’s be honest, most people won’t be as unlucky as Mack was, but searching for a solution drove him to create Mack of Mack. We understood that in all areas of life we often miss three basic things: respect for nature, craftsmen, and ourselves.

We are not trying to change the world or how people perceive mass production, or even address their ignorance as to how things are made, we just committed to doing our best make something well and ensure that everyone involved in the process receives equal respect.

MackofMack designs and manufactures high-quality garments/products meant for motorcycle riding and anyone who appreciates quality and good craftmanship; anyone who is eager for unique style and wants to be proud of what they use. Our brand has a certain nostalgia for the past, and for the open road, and we also embrace a forward-thinking approach when it comes to social and environmental responsibility.

We partner only with recognized certified tanneries and craftspeople who can ensure that their materials (vegetable tanned leather) are as natural as possible, free from harmful chemicals and are sourced responsibly.


And in the end, we want to see you as a friend and part of the brand. We want MackofMack to be yours, and to reflect your values - as well as ours - so that together we can create something better.


MackofMack is based at a small studio in Rindö island located in Stockholms skärgård archipelago.

Address: Fortvägen, 185 41. Vaxholm, Sweden

E-mail: info@mackofmack.com

Tel: +468296955