Where does A MackofMack ship? 

MackofMack deliver Internationally and Free of charge but we do not ship to countries where we are not legally allowed to. 

While we built our own supply chain from material sourcing to finished garment, we don't have our own logistics network. If you find it hard to receive packages usually, there's a chance we won't be able to get our garments to you either. Please contact us if you have any questions at help(at) 

Orders shipping to EU countries will be delivered “tax and duty paid”. WE COVER ALL DUTY, VAT AND HANDLING CHARGES, meaning you will not pay any additional costs on your purchase over and above prices on our website.

Note, outside EU your country of residence may charge an import tax or extra fees depended on the value of your purchase. Is best to check with your authorities. These fees are not covered by MackofMack.


Which shipping methods are available? 

Currently we use: PostNord shipping services


How long does it take to ship? 

Delivery time varies depending on where you are in the world. Generally, in metropolitan Sweden you should receive your products in two days. Rural areas will be dependent on which days the post operates. 

Sweden 1-2 business days 

Europe 3-9 business days 

Rest of World 4-14 business days 


When will my order ship? 

Products in stock are shipped within 1-3 days. 

Pre-orders are shipped as soon as we receive the ordered garment in the correct size. We always keep our customers updated with the status of their order / Pre-order. 


How much does it cost to ship? 

Its free of charge! And worldwide!  
Yes, we all understand that doves not going to deliver your order for free, it cost and quite a bit. We integrated small portion of the shipping costs to the price and rest is on the house. This way it save you taxes on the shipping that otherwise would be added at the check out.   

Can I change my shipping address? 

If we haven't yet shipped your order we can ship to a different address. Email info (at) with the new address.